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Moving More Than Teeth

Moving More Than Teeth

What do you see when you see a child or adult wearing braces or Invisalign? You see a child or adult wearing braces or Invisalign. Obviously, orthodontists move teeth. I learned this in extreme detail during my orthodontic residency and have moved hundreds of...

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Smile Stories

Smile Stories

Can a smile change the world? We think so and it’s our motto: “Changing the World, One Smile at a Time” That’s why we’ve dedicated 43 years to being the best choice for your orthodontic transformation, changing nearly 20 thousand smiles in the region in that time. A...

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Smile Stories

Scott was 48 years old when he decided to take the leap and invest in himself and his smile.

Tawnya was convinced that her teeth could not be straightened until she started Invisalign.

At Warford Orthodontics, treatment is about much more than braces or Invisalign.

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Fourteen years ago today I joined the Team at Warford Orthodontics, and in that time I've helped many thousands on their smile transformation journey and what possibilities it may bring to their future. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make such a difference in my Patient’s lives.
Orthodontic treatment is a journey, and the life transforming change doesn’t happen overnight. Over the years, I’ve had so many Patients tell me about the impact it has made, and the impact has been more than their teeth. Their smile transformation has been a catalyst for other transformations they’ve wanted to make, or goals they’ve wanted to achieve.

I climbed the mountain (under “Races” in the photo) with my wife in 2002. It was over 14,000 feet tall and took us 12 hours. We love the mountains, and it was the most difficult climb we had ever done. At the time, I had one year left in my orthodontic residency, one year left in a ten year “climb" to become an orthodontist. I took the photo myself in 2009 and remembered that climb and what it felt like to be on top that day.

What “mountain" are you climbing? What “mountain” have you always wanted to? Anything is possible, just like a confidence inspiring smile.

-Dr. John
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Did you know braces are no longer the only option in orthodontic care? Invisalign® is helping transform more smiles than ever with far more flexibility and comfort than braces. If you or someone you know has ever been told Invisalign® just isn’t an option, you should really check with us. Patients are often surprised to learn that we often offer Invisalign® when others won’t. It’s all about the level of Invisalign® experience. Warford Orthodontics is the ONLY Invisalign® provider in North and South Dakota with the experience and knowledge to achieve Invisalign's Top 1% status. You would have to travel to Minneapolis, Seattle or Denver to find a similar level of experience. No one else in the area even comes close – why go anywhere else?

You were made to grow. Imagine your potential - We will help you realize your dreams.
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