The Only VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign® Provider in North and South Dakota

The Warford Orthodontics Difference

The Only VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign® Provider in North and South Dakota

Service For Over 43 Years

Why Warford Orthodontics

We are proud to be Bismarck / Mandan’s only multi-generation orthodontists.

When you think about going to an orthodontist, you may naturally visualize braces or Invisalign. By definition, “Orthodontics” is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth.

Braces and Invisalign move so much more than teeth.

If you have been putting off having your child see an orthodontist, please do not wait any longer. We strongly-recommend every child see an orthodontist by the age of seven to prevent potential self confidence and form / functional challenges.

If you are considering orthodontic care to improve the appearance of your own smile, we look forward to seeing you soon.

As always, our initial consultation is complimentary including digital x-rays and photos.


What Our Patients Are Saying!

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Tammy Huston
My Daughter Alyssa continues to be a patient thru Watford Orthodontics. These people are wonderful. I Love her teeth already. Coming along real oretty. John and his team if lively ladies are the Best. I Highly recommend any one to go there. You Won't Regret it! Thanks a lot for your Service.
Muhittin Arda Kandıralı
Awesome people, awesome treatment! I recommend Warford Orthodontics to everyone.
Joslyn Robbins Thueson
Love everything about Warford Orthodontics! I have three kids in treatment right now and I feel like they treat us like family! They are so accommodating, friendly, and patient and understanding with my daughter that has some special needs.
Seth Patera
Thank you for taking care of our 3 girls! Great service. Never feel like I don't know what's going on with their care!
Makenna Linz
3 years and never a bad experience! Staff is SO friendly, both doctors are exceptional, and my teeth are AMAZING! Thank you to the team at warford for my amazing smile!! �
Stephanie Nishek Marrufo
Its hard to express how amazing it is to watch your smile transform. Being a "30-something" professional, I thought my time for dental correction (i.e. braces) had passed, but working with Warford Orthodontics changed all that. I am so impressed with the staff, the doctor and the orthodontic technology that they have made available to our community.
Katie Wald
The BEST hands down!!!! The entire crew at Warford is AMAZING!!! You are greeted with a smile when you walk in the door and every step from there is done w a smile and a fun, positive staff!!! They offer financing options, competitive pricing, and FREE consultations- yes you read that right...go in and get a FREE consult and hear some options! I am just blown away by the kindness and generosity that Warford offers every single doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 40- you’re treated like a valued guest.I love Warford! I would recommend them to anyone!!!
Tasha Miller
Warford is AMAZING ! The staff is always inviting they always remember my kids & I by name no matter who we see! Very flexible & understanding with schedule changes! Dr.John is great & very patient with my little guy. We always receive above & beyond care !!
Jessica Manson
They have the best staff all around. From the minute you walk in till you leave from your appointment they make you feel welcome and appreciated. We drive 99 miles for my son to get the best service for his braces. I was a little nervous for my son when they told me he had to get braces, but they made it very comfortable for him and that made me feel better. Thanks for all you do.
Chrystopher Bitz
The only reason to go to Warford: If you want the absolute best.
Collin Sayler
Amazing! Great staff and great people there is just so much more to say I can't fit everything on here!
Angel Whitehead
Warford is amazing! From an excellent atmosphere to excellent staff. I feel welcome and comfortable every time I come in! The flexibility with scheduling and the ortho process is also awesome. They are very understanding when things come up last minute. They are also great with there payment options which is very hard to find sometimes! I came in starting with Invisalign and Dr. John switched me to braces no problem when I asked. Glad I went to them !!!
Heather Farrell
What a wonderful place, it's inviting, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter felt comfortable and safe during her appointment. All around great place. I would recommend anyone to go there.
Aleja-Laura Larson
❤️WarfordMy daughter loves the rewards! You guys are amazing!
Chelsey Feist
I would like to tell you all that Warford Orthodontics is a wonderful place to go. Everyone there is very friendly and personable which makes for a great experience. They all have a fun/happy personality with a great smile to go with it. You can tell that they truly love being able to give you your perfect smile.
Vicki Betz
Yesterday was a great day for Josh since he got his braces off. Pretty awesome that the staff at Warford was just as excited as he was!! They are so great to work with and great with all my kids. Two down; two to go!!
Maddy Hanel
We loved our experience at warford orthodontics. Everyone was really nice and friendly.
Tracy Bergemann
Thank you much for helping my daughter smile again.... When we came to Warford almost 5 years ago we were so excited about the plan you proposed to help her.... And today she gets her braces off and now we see someone who is more confident about herself and not afraid to share her smile anymore! You are all amazing.... Thank you!
Nita Anderson
This place is awesome the staff r great too. Couldn't ask for any other dentistry to help like they do
Jennifer Verworn
We really enjoy going to Warford. After having another consult at another place we weren't satisfied . Then someone referred us here and we weren't more happier . They are happy, friendly, they explained everything to us and they most of all they worked with us financially! They have done wonders with my daughters teeth and we are so excited!
Barbara Metcalf Johnsrud
I am sooo glad we found these two!!! They are amazing!!!!
Jen McCauley Haag
We LOVE Warford Orthodontics!!!!
Rhonda Twohearts
Briahna Lee
Noah Hamre
Joel Bird
Janelle Glass
Paige Ross Meyer
Alicia Mae
Nancy Berger
Kursten Cooper
Shanon Thompson Erbele
Jade Ziman
Carrie Berger
Jessica Johnson
Laura Meckle
Donna Kay Bloom Hipfner
Thea Mahrer
Julie Jahner
Caitlin Wacker
Summer Takenalive
Mariah Jangula
Alexandria Harrison
Angie Shilman
Kristi Mathern Moch
Nicole Sandy
Sydney Wild
Joanie Sanda
Helena Jennings Daniels
Maddy Faulhaber
Heather Churchill
Alyssa Berger
Karley Thomas
Leanna Mckague
Wayne Haag
Tammey Schutt
Denise Candrian Wiseman
Christi Wentz
Chelsie Hulm
Lauren Lee-Ann Eslinger
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What We Do

Moving More Than Teeth

At Warford Orthodontics, treatment is about much more than braces or Invisalign ®. We make a difference by helping people better their lives with a beaming smile which leads to improved self confidence. This is a catalyst for more positive interactions with the world, leading to a more fulfilling and successful life! How do we know? After 43 years, we’ve seen it countless times. In the video below, hear real Patients and staff talk about how something as simple as straightening teeth can completely transform your life!

Our Smile Experts

Meet the Staff

We are very lucky to have such a friendly, dedicated, and highly experienced team. In fact, we are confident that we have the most experienced orthodontic staff in Bismarck.

But at Warford Orthodontics our work is about much more than braces or Invisalign®, it is about YOU the Patient.

Get to know some of the highly skilled and always good-humored people who are honored to work with your smile!:)



Chasity C.
Chasity C.
Director of First Impressions
Director of First Impressions since 2015 What are your Daily job activities?    A typical day for me is scheduling, answering phones, greeting everyone, and many other different office tasks. How about life outside the office? I got married in June....
Jennifer Patera
Jennifer Patera
Director of Smile Transformation
Director of Smile Transformation Daily Job Duties:  I have the pleasure of meeting all our patients first hand and in welcoming them our Warford Orthodontics Family!  I coordinate the initial consultation appointment and help our Patients begin their exciting orthodontic...
Hannah Wolf
Hannah Wolf
Director of Patient Experience
Director of Patient Experience What are your Daily job activities?    As you can expect, every day is different. I assist Patients with scheduling their appointments, setting up new Patient consultations, assist with the Patient flow, mailing out Invisalign to...
Brekka Schultz
Brekka Schultz
Grin Booster
Certified and Registered Dental Assistant with Warford Orthodontics since 2009 Daily Job Activities: I assist the doctors in adding, removing and adjusting braces. I also assist in taking x-rays, photos and impressions, and help keep the office clean and the instruments...
Kathy Kruckenberg
Kathy Kruckenberg
Smile Stability Specialist
Lab Tech, Certified and Registered Dental Assistant with Warford Orthodontics since 1985 Daily Job Activities: Pouring models and fabricating Invisalign Retainers, and sometimes resetting teeth before making the retainer. How about life outside of work? I have many hobbies including teaching aerobics, biking,...
Nancy Berger
Nancy Berger
Champion Wire Wrestler
Certified Orthodontic Assistant, Registered Dental Assistant with Warford Orthodontics since 1975 Daily Job Activities: I am involved in Patient care. And I am in charge of ordering all supplies for the office. How about life outside of work? I enjoy being with...
Karley Wahl
Karley Wahl
Extreme Smile Specialist
Registered Dental Assistant with Warford Orthodontics since 2013 Daily Job Activities: There is a lot we do in one day, from normal braces to Invisalign. We do a lot with sterilizing and many different things throughout the whole office. How about...
Deana Mack
Deana Mack
Director of Investment Accountability
Director of Investment Accountability Daily Job Duties: I help Patients and families make their smile transformation dream a reality. I help maximize insurance benefits and partner to make the investment as affordable as possible. What Makes You Tick at Warford Orthodontics? : I...
Makiah Hamre
Makiah Hamre
Smile Transformation Artist
Smile Transformation Artist What are your Daily job activities?    Between scanning, doing Invisalign starts, adding attachments, helping keep up with sterilization, and whatever else needs to be done, it’s always a busy and exciting day. How about life outside...
Kierra Walker
Kierra Walker
Princess of Clean
Princess of Clean What are your daily job activities? My job is to keep everything clean and sterilized as well as moving efficiently in “the circle” so our Patients can have an Astonishing Experience!. How about life outside the office?...


Dr. John



Dr. Warford


Office Hours

  • If you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency during office hours please be sure to call ahead to ensure the best care possible.
  • Regular daily office hours vary during the week so please call 701-255-1311 for office hours and to schedule your appointment.


  • Fri – Sun, 9am-4pm
  • Call or send a text to: 701-471-2539
  • The assistant on-call will evaluate your needs and decide if you need to be seen right away or if waiting until the next workday will be okay depending on your comfort level, of course.
  • The on-call assistant can consult with Dr. John 7 days a week if they need to so we can provide you the best advice for your holiday or weekend concerns.

After Hours

  • Call the office phone or email, and we’ll get back to you right away the next business day.

Warford Orthodontics