Now, we realize this is not a post you would expect to find on the blog of an Orthodontist, but we still felt the need to share it with you because it truly speaks to our mission: “Changing the World, One Smile at a Time”. We encourage you to take just 10 minutes to watch the following video. Our thoughts on this video are posted below. Please, watch the video first. You won’t regret it.

Here’s Fred. A 96-year-old man who loves his wife Lorraine with his whole heart. He knew it from the first time he saw her. She was his life.

After she passed, he was sitting up one night and felt this song in his heart. He was not a professional song-writer, but still captured the words on paper, using pure passion as his guide. The small act of recording his feelings, seemed insignificant. Little did Fred realize how much of an inspirational catalyst it would become.

He sees an ad for a song-writing contest in the paper that asked musicians to record a video and upload the link to their video to enter the contest. Fred did the only thing he felt he as capable of doing. He mailed the lyrics to his song in a written letter to the studio. Fred was not a “musician”. He said in his letter “PS: I don’t sing, I would scare people, ha ha”.

You saw the final results (if you watched the video).

Here’s the point behind our whole blog article. It’s easy to think that you don’t matter or can’t affect change in others simply because you don’t possess the [gifts, tools, looks, personality, know-how, etc]. The safe thing to do is just remain quiet and anonymous.

Fred didn’t have the right tools, initially, but his passion and risk inspired another team that did have the tools to pitch in and just look at the results they created together! It might be one of the greatest songs they (the studio or Fred) will ever create, because it’s real. It’s authentic. It’s speaks what most of us feel in our heart. Period.

This is where YOUR SMILE comes in. Everyone has one. It’s free to use and requires very little training to master.

The small and seemingly insignificant act of genuinely looking at someone and giving them a heart-felt smile can trigger small and, at first, undetectable events that could change an attitude. Change a day. Change a relationship. Change a life. If you change either one of those, at any time, you just changed the World for the better. Think about it.

Look to those around you who possess skills and tools that you don’t have and together you can start to affect even bigger change.

Perhaps, Fred, put a tear in your eye and a smile across your lips. If he did, share your thoughts below or share them on our Facebook page ( or even on Twitter (

Keep in mind, that Fred’s letter has now been shared with more than 3 MILLION people in just over 6 WEEKS!