Invisalign® is an option for more people than ever before…

Could Invisalign® work for you?

Find out if Invisalign® is an option for you. Just send us three quick photos and we’ll let you know if Invisalign could work for you with your own customized Smile Plan.

At Warford Orthodontics we’ve gotten great results for people with discreet, convenient Invisalign® clear aligners even for people who had been told Invisalign “wasn’t an option” for them.

Top 1%

Warford Orthodontics is recognized as one of the top Invisalign providers in the world in 2018.

1. Snap Your Smile

Take the 3 pictures you see below. (TIP: For best results have a friend help and try using spoons to hold open your cheeks.)

2. Send Your Photos

Email or text your photos to or 701-471-2539 (different from main office number).

3. See Your Results

We will review your photos and provide you a customized smile plan including whether Invisalign could be an option.

Invisalign is the clear, convenient alternative to braces.

Now, thanks to our expertise combined with new remote monitoring technology, you can get the smile you deserve in as few as 3 office visits.

As Few as 3 Office Visits

Clear, Invisible Aligners

World-Class Results

How to Take the Perfect Smile Snapshot

  • Get a friend or family member to help.
  • Use two fingers or the backs of spoons to hold open cheeks.
  • Take photos in seated position.

Text Your Photos to Us: 701-471-2539

Or email them to

1. Front Smiling

2. Left Bite

3. Right Bite

Get a Great Smile With Far Fewer Office Visits

With our Invisalign® Top 1% expertise, we can treat more patients (and get incredible results) with Invisalign®, which means a great smile without all the drives to the Orthodontist. 

To get similar quality care you would have to travel to Denver, Seattle, or Minneapolis.