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World Class Orthodontics in Fewer Than 5 Visits

There was a time when traditional braces and wires were the only orthodontic treatment option available with adjustments and observation necessary every four to six weeks. For those who live in rural North Dakota and Montana, getting braces literally translates into...

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“They said it couldn’t be done.”

  If you’ve every watched “The Iron Chef” on Food Network and thought to yourself “how do they do that!?”, it’s likely you’re not alone. If you wanted to, however, with enough dedication, study, and practice, you could find yourself on “Iron Chef” too...

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Invisalign®: Why Experience Really Does Matter

Yes. Experience really does matter with Invisalign. As a top 1% Provider of Invisalign, we have the experience to use Invisalign clear aligners for even complicated cases — cases that would otherwise require most Orthodontists to use braces... That means, at Warford...

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Moving More Than Teeth

What do you see when you see a child or adult wearing braces or Invisalign? You see a child or adult wearing braces or Invisalign. Obviously, orthodontists move teeth. I learned this in extreme detail during my orthodontic residency and have moved hundreds of...

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Smile Stories

Can a smile change the world? We think so and it’s our motto: “Changing the World, One Smile at a Time” That’s why we’ve dedicated 43 years to being the best choice for your orthodontic transformation, changing nearly 20 thousand smiles in the region in that time. A...

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Sugar: Pay the Price Now AND Later

When I was growing up, we had sweets, soda and dessert contrary to the common query of others: “so your Dad’s a dentist (orthodontist), I’ll bet you don’t get any sweets, huh?” Of course we did, especially because my Mom made oh so amazing chocolate chip cookies....

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Meet Chasity

Introducing the Director of First Impressions - Chasity Cattanach Professional History: Graduated from Napoleon High School Administrative Assistant degree from Bismarck State College Worked at Great Plains Rehab for two years Warford Orthodontics since 2015 Chasity’s...

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Our Advancements in Invisalign Treatment

At Warford Orthodontics, we’re in a constant state of improvement. Whether it’s our skill at providing different treatments or embracing technological advancement, if there’s a direct benefits to our Patients we take it very seriously. Invisalign has been a main focus...

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Adult Orthodontics is More Popular Than Ever

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a child to receive benefits from orthodontic treatment. Some children “don’t know what they’re missing” by having their teeth fixed at an early age before it becomes a psychological concern. However, many adults DO know...

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Our Own Cancer Awareness Story

Our Own Cancer Awareness Story

A Quick and Personal Note About Cancer   The vast majority of those reading this can probably figure out what the main topic of this post is about so I won’t worry about “spilling the beans”. I’ve known Brekka for a long time and helped her orthodontic...

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