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Meet Chasity

Introducing the Director of First Impressions - Chasity Cattanach Professional History: Graduated from Napoleon High School Administrative Assistant degree from Bismarck State College Worked at Great Plains Rehab for two years Warford Orthodontics since 2015 Chasity’s...

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Our Advancements in Invisalign Treatment

At Warford Orthodontics, we’re in a constant state of improvement. Whether it’s our skill at providing different treatments or embracing technological advancement, if there’s a direct benefits to our Patients we take it very seriously. Invisalign has been a main focus...

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Adult Orthodontics is More Popular Than Ever

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a child to receive benefits from orthodontic treatment. Some children “don’t know what they’re missing” by having their teeth fixed at an early age before it becomes a psychological concern. However, many adults DO know...

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Our Own Cancer Awareness Story

A Quick and Personal Note About Cancer   The vast majority of those reading this can probably figure out what the main topic of this post is about so I won’t worry about “spilling the beans”. I’ve known Brekka for a long time and helped her orthodontic...

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DIY Braces Present Big Dangers

My first experience with DIY orthodontics was about ten years ago when a teenager took her own braces off. It was two weeks before I was supposed to and she didn’t take into account that her clear braces needed a special tool to be removed. Consequently, she broke...

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Timing Can Be Critical

“We should’ve been here sooner” Is a phrase that I am much too familiar with. Most recently I heard it from a Mom with a look of resolution on her face after she understands that her daughter, in addition to braces, will now need to visit an oral surgeon to gain...

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Kathy Celebrates 30 Years!

Dr. John: a few months after Nancy celebrated her 40th anniversary, Kathy now has hit the 30 year mark! She has a passion for her work and the commitment that 30 years demonstrates. She is of the most upbeat and eternally positive people I've ever met and a truly...

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Got TMJ?

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I have TMJ?” Did you feel empathy for their plight? I’ve got a secret for you: you do too, and you have two of them. The “TMJ” which is the  temporomandibular joint (the joint between the temporal bone of the skull and the mandible or...

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A Smile Transformation Benefits Adults too!

(Dr. John note: this is a “guest blog post” by Taylor, a Patient and friend of Warford Orthodontics. I think you’ll appreciate hearing his story about how even as an adult the unexpected benefits of orthodontic treatment can be profound. We see this often; our...

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An Inspired Smile

  When my dentist first told my mom “you should try Warford,” I thought he was talking about toothpaste. Little did I know, “Warford” was an orthodontist who was going to change my life. When I was little, my teeth were a mess. They were crooked and jutting out...

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