The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children are seen by age 7

The primary benefit of having an orthodontic evaluation by an orthodontist, by age 7, is the opportunity to monitor development of your child’s teeth.  This allows Dr. John to maximize growth and eruption patterns and treatment options for your child.

Awareness and a proactive approach today leads to increased treatment options and a more optimal outcome for tomorrow

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Dr. John recommends the same treatment for your child as his own child

We all want the best for our children – to give them the tools to be confident, successful, healthy and happy. Dr. John is a regional expert in child & teen orthodontics and has had his work published in the American Journal of Orthodontics. More importantly, he is a proud father of four children, two of whom are his Patients as well. When you bring your child to Dr. John, you can be confident that he makes the same treatment recommendations for your child as he does for his own children.

Hear what real Warford Orthodontics parents
are saying about their kid’s treatment


I have had two children go through orthodontic treatment with Warford Orthodontics, and I can not find enough good things to say. They are knowledgeable, and take the time to explain everything to the Patient and family. They were flexible with appointment times, and they helped with finding a payment plan that worked for us. I highly recommend getting orthodontic services with them!


Parent With Kids In Braces

The staff provided our family with comfortable waiting areas and essentially no wait time. They were very accommodating of our needs and very clear and concise with treatment plans and financial arrangements.

My kids look forward to their visits!


Parent With Kids In Braces

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Tammy Huston
My Daughter Alyssa continues to be a patient thru Watford Orthodontics. These people are wonderful. I Love her teeth already. Coming along real oretty. John and his team if lively ladies are the Best. I Highly recommend any one to go there. You Won't Regret it! Thanks a lot for your Service.
Muhittin Arda Kandıralı
Awesome people, awesome treatment! I recommend Warford Orthodontics to everyone.
Joslyn Robbins Thueson
Love everything about Warford Orthodontics! I have three kids in treatment right now and I feel like they treat us like family! They are so accommodating, friendly, and patient and understanding with my daughter that has some special needs.
Seth Patera
Thank you for taking care of our 3 girls! Great service. Never feel like I don't know what's going on with their care!
Makenna Linz
3 years and never a bad experience! Staff is SO friendly, both doctors are exceptional, and my teeth are AMAZING! Thank you to the team at warford for my amazing smile!! �
Stephanie Nishek Marrufo
Its hard to express how amazing it is to watch your smile transform. Being a "30-something" professional, I thought my time for dental correction (i.e. braces) had passed, but working with Warford Orthodontics changed all that. I am so impressed with the staff, the doctor and the orthodontic technology that they have made available to our community.
Rhonda Twohearts
Katie Wald
The BEST hands down!!!! The entire crew at Warford is AMAZING!!! You are greeted with a smile when you walk in the door and every step from there is done w a smile and a fun, positive staff!!! They offer financing options, competitive pricing, and FREE consultations- yes you read that right...go in and get a FREE consult and hear some options! I am just blown away by the kindness and generosity that Warford offers every single doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 40- you’re treated like a valued guest. I love Warford! I would recommend them to anyone!!!
Briahna Lee
Noah Hamre
Tasha Miller
Warford is AMAZING ! The staff is always inviting they always remember my kids & I by name no matter who we see! Very flexible & understanding with schedule changes! Dr.John is great & very patient with my little guy. We always receive above & beyond care !!
Jessica Manson
They have the best staff all around. From the minute you walk in till you leave from your appointment they make you feel welcome and appreciated. We drive 99 miles for my son to get the best service for his braces. I was a little nervous for my son when they told me he had to get braces, but they made it very comfortable for him and that made me feel better. Thanks for all you do.
Joel Bird
Chrystopher Bitz
The only reason to go to Warford: If you want the absolute best.
Collin Sayler
Amazing! Great staff and great people there is just so much more to say I can't fit everything on here!
Angel Rayne
Warford is amazing! From an excellent atmosphere to excellent staff. I feel welcome and comfortable every time I come in! The flexibility with scheduling and the ortho process is also awesome. They are very understanding when things come up last minute. They are also great with there payment options which is very hard to find sometimes! I came in starting with Invisalign and Dr. John switched me to braces no problem when I asked. Glad I went to them !!!
Heather Farrell
What a wonderful place, it's inviting, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter felt comfortable and safe during her appointment. All around great place. I would recommend anyone to go there.
Janelle Glass
Paige Ross Meyer
Aleja-Laura Larson
❤️Warford My daughter loves the rewards! You guys are amazing!
Alicia Mae
Nancy Berger
Kursten Cooper
Shanon Thompson Erbele
Jade Ziman
Chelsey Feist
I would like to tell you all that Warford Orthodontics is a wonderful place to go. Everyone there is very friendly and personable which makes for a great experience. They all have a fun/happy personality with a great smile to go with it. You can tell that they truly love being able to give you your perfect smile.
Vicki Betz
Yesterday was a great day for Josh since he got his braces off. Pretty awesome that the staff at Warford was just as excited as he was!! They are so great to work with and great with all my kids. Two down; two to go!!
Carrie Berger
Jessica Johnson
Maddy Hanel
We loved our experience at warford orthodontics. Everyone was really nice and friendly.
Laura Meckle
Tracy Bergemann
Thank you much for helping my daughter smile again.... When we came to Warford almost 5 years ago we were so excited about the plan you proposed to help her.... And today she gets her braces off and now we see someone who is more confident about herself and not afraid to share her smile anymore! You are all amazing.... Thank you!
Nita Anderson
This place is awesome the staff r great too. Couldn't ask for any other dentistry to help like they do
Donna Kay Bloom Hipfner
Thea Mahrer
Julie Jahner
Caitlin Wacker
Summer Takenalive
Mariah Jangula
Alexandria Harrison
Angie Shilman
Kristi Mathern Moch
Nicole Sandy
Sydney Wild
Joanie Sanda
Helena Jennings Daniels
Maddy Faulhaber
Jennifer Verworn
We really enjoy going to Warford. After having another consult at another place we weren't satisfied . Then someone referred us here and we weren't more happier . They are happy, friendly, they explained everything to us and they most of all they worked with us financially! They have done wonders with my daughters teeth and we are so excited!
Barbara Metcalf Johnsrud
I am sooo glad we found these two!!! They are amazing!!!!
Heather Churchill
Alyssa Berger
Karley Thomas
Leanna Mckague
Wayne Haag
Jen McCauley Haag
We LOVE Warford Orthodontics!!!!
Tammey Schutt
Denise Candrian Wiseman
Christi Wentz
Chelsie Hulm
Lauren Lee-Ann Eslinger
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Answers to Common Questions Regarding Children and Their Teeth


My child’s baby teeth are crowded. Is that OK?

No. This could be an early sign of something an orthodontist should monitor. You may wish to schedule your child for a check-up.


My child’s front teeth stick out. Should we see an orthodontist?

Yes. Protrusive front teeth may be the outward sign of a problem with the positions of the jaws, or positions of the teeth, even if your child has baby teeth. Protrusive upper front teeth are more likely to be broken at play or in an accident.


Transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth

Around age 6 children will begin to lose baby teeth and their first permanent molars emerge.

While you don’t see them, permanent teeth begin to form before birth. At around age 13, most children have 28 of their permanent teeth and the third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” appear in the late teen years, or early 20s and often cause some pain or other dental issues.

Sometimes a child may have too few permanent teeth and this is called “congenitally missing teeth.” The opposite can occur and a child may have extra teeth, or “supernumerary teeth.” Both conditions happen often can be diagnosed using a panoramic x-ray from Warford Orthodontics. We can help to successfully manage these problems.