This Phase Of Your Treatment Is Critical

Possible Outcomes with Retainers:

  1. You follow the retention protocol and you have an awesome smile with straight teeth that don’t shift. 
  2. You eventually ignore the recommendations and your teeth move enough that you end up with another round of treatment to correct the issue or maintain your teeth in the shifted positions.

We want the first outcome!

The next phase of your treatment REQUIRES your ACTIVE PARTICIPATION!

It is not only important that you wear your retainers as prescribed… it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL!


Prescribed Wear is Critical

Here’s Why:

  • Without proper retainer wear, research shows that the potential for your teeth to shift from their straightened position can be up to 90%.
  • We used your body’s ability to allow teeth to be moved to transform your smile, but we didn’t change the ability for your teeth to move, that’s not possible with current technology.
  • While your smile was being transformed, not only were the positions of the teeth changed, the bone supporting your teeth was changed as well.
  • For the bone to “catch up” to the new positions of your teeth it can take 6-9 months depending on your age and treatment, so special dedication to retainer wear is necessary during this time.
  • After the bone has returned to its normal state, you still still need to wear your retainer, but you can go to part time wear and then eventually night time wear which should be continued or you risk your teeth shifting.

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