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Warford Orthodontics Smile Stories

Improved health, higher confidence, and new opportunities are a just few of the
common themes we hear about after treatment.
These stories of transformation are what our work is all about!

Smile Story: Scott

Scott was 48 years old when he decided to take the leap and invest in himself and his smile.

Smile Story: Ellen

Ellen shares her experience of getting braces, and how it is a large part of who she is today.

Have a smile story you would like to share?
We would love to hear it! Send us an email here.

At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about – The Smile!

We are very honored  to have worked with so many great people over the last 41 years. These beaming smiles represent just a few of the many great Patients that Warford Orthodontics has had the pleasure to work with. Maybe yours will be next?

Warford Orthodontics Testimonials

Boy, I’ve never heard someone brag about a business as much as my wife and kid did after they left your place the other day. What do you have going on there John? 🙂 They were really impressed with the whole situation from the process to earning points – everything was a A+. Looks like I know where we are doing Nathan’s teeth at.

Brian T. (2014)

Invisalign are a lot better than braces because its more comfortable, my teeth aren’t as sore. They actually help with dieting a little bit because I don’t want to have to take them out to eat all the time.   I’ve had braces before and I prefer Invisalign.

Bruce H (2014)

I’m so glad I didn’t wait. Every time I see a picture of myself, I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer!


MIranda (2014)

Other Rave Reviews

“I have been very pleased with wearing Invisalign! No one knows, other then my family, that I am even wearing them!! I LOVE how my teeth are starting to feel, especially when I brush and floss my teeth. It is so nice not having food stuck between my teeth. And, when I floss there is no floss getting stuck between my teeth either. I am excited for the end results! Just a little apprehensive concerning the eye teeth maybe having to be filled in because of their size. I hope that my “Natural” sized eye teeth will be the “Perfect” fit and size. I guess we will have to wait and see! Just the other day, while I was eating, my husband commented on how straight my teeth are starting to look. Not too bad for wearing Invisalign for 9 months!”Yvonne H.

“I would recommend Invisalign to anyone that talks about getting braces. I wanted that perfect smile, but as an adult felt uncomfortable with having metal braces. With my Invisalign half of my friends didn’t even know I had it until I told them. I love the convenience of them and the treatment goes by fast with switching out your retainers every 2 weeks. I now am confident and love my smile! Thanks Dr. John”Carly L.

“Love my Invisalign! After only a short period of time I have seen major improvement. My teeth were shifting and I knew I needed to have them straightened. I really didn’t want to do braces due to my profession. When the Invisalign option was presented it was a God’s send!”Lisa R.

“Dr. John, the experience in your office has been nearly biblical. I’ve wondered a few times if you had sandals on ;)”Patrick F

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