Certified and Registered Dental Assistant with Warford Orthodontics since 2009

Daily Job Activities: I assist the doctors in adding, removing and adjusting braces. I also assist in taking x-rays, photos and impressions, and help keep the office clean and the instruments sterilized. Invisalign has become a big part of our office, and I take iTero scans, add attachments, insert aligners, and assist with checkups. Patient education and answering questions, updating the Patient chart notes and scheduling appointments is also a big part of my day, as well ascorrespondence with other offices or the Invisalign lab. Working with a Patient in my chair is my favorite, but there is a lot of behind the scenes work that is done at all times too!

How about life outside of work? I’m a Country girl, but can’t get enough Jimmy Buffett! I love Nicholas Sparks’ books and his movies! My favorite foods are steak, garden peas and almost any kind of dessert. I have one daughter age 1 and due with #2 in February! No pets at our house, but grew up on a ranch surrounded by animals and would love to have pets again when our children are older, for now grandma and grandpas will do! I love to do craft projects or redo furniture when I catch a free moment!

What is your favorite part of working at Warford Orthodontics? I love seeing the before and after photos and noticing the change in our Patients confidence as their smiles improve. Some of the things we accomplish still amazes me even after over 5 years. Getting to know our Patients and their families during their treatment is my personal favorite. Making a Patient feel comfortable and at home in our office makes me feel like we are doing our job well , and accomplishing more than just the great smile they leave with!

Any funny or heart-warming stories to share?  Too many to pick just one, but I love when a new, young, nervous Patient turns into a confident ball of fire by the end of their treatment. Watching them grow is amazing! I also love hearing the stories from our adult Patients who are FINALLY doing treatment and the excitement and gratefulness they express makes our job all worth it.

What makes Warford Orthodontics different? Staff experience and care. I feel we are all knowledgeable in the dental field and we accompany that with a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.