Daily job activities: I get the privilege of meeting with all the new Patients and their families that are coming in for their initial consult. I help capture photos, x-rays, a 3D scan and document Dr. John’s findings and recommendations. I help answer any questions Patients have regarding treatment and help coordinate communication between them and their dentist.

How about life outside the office? I am a busy mom, wife and business owner! My husband and I operate a chiropractic clinic in Bismarck. I have 2 daughters and 1 son all ages 6 and under. I love spending time with my family. We have a tradition of spending time every June in the Black Hills area with our kids and have made so many fun memories. I enjoy cooking and baking and do a good job of making a mess while doing it! My favorite food is chicken kabobs with fresh grilled pineapple served over rice and homemade pizza! I love coffee! I grew up in a small town in Western, ND which happens to be 14 miles from the Theodore Roosevelt North Unit. I enjoy getting back there to hike and camp and love taking my family to Medora each year. In my free time, which is far and few between these days, I enjoy taking pictures, going to the movies, and shopping!

What is your favorite part about working at Warford Orthodontics? I’m a people person so I love visiting and getting to know people and their families. I’m also proud of the fact that I feel my job isn’t just a job. I love that I have the privilege to be a part of a life changing transformation with our Patients. I also get to work with a pretty amazing group of co-workers.

Any fun or heart-warming stories? I love the excitement of kids when they can get their braces on the same day as their consultation! Many times, they are so excited that they stop back by my office on their way out to show me their braces and the colors they chose. I also love meeting with Patients who were told by other providers that Invisalign would not work for them and see their demeanor change when Dr. John tells them that Invisalign ABSOLUTELY will work for them!

What makes Warford Orthodontics different? I truly feel that we provide care in a way that we treat everyone as if they were our own family. Our staff is extremely talented at what they do and is genuine in getting to know our Patients as well as their families.