Daily job activities: I get to see many of the new Patients, helping them understand about braces and Invisalign and educating. There is never a dull day!  I get to do lots of other things too!

How about life outside of work: I love to do anything active–and be outside! Summer or winter you will find me figuring out how to be outside. I also love to garden and cook and make up healthy recipes

What is your favorite part of working at Warford Orthodontics? I absolutely fell in love with “Preventive Medicine” in dental hygiene school. This passion flows into why I love being a part of the WO team–I see so many dental issues that we can help side-step or make right.  It is very fulfilling. I love meeting new people and helping them feel comfortable and welcome.

Any funny or heart-warming stories to share? Some days we see clients who are a little anxious about what treatment is going to feel like…  One day, I was helping an older Patient with his treatment and he was joking with me that he was anxious.  I offered to hold his hand during his braces removal (because of course I’ve held hands with many kids over the years). We laughed pretty hard because of course he didn’t need any hand-holding.  Now every time he comes in for a checkup, I have to go hold his hand for a second or two.

What makes Warford Orthodontics different? Before I moved to Bismarck, I worked in a private dental office.  Over and over I would see Patients that were in active orthodontic care have SUCHPHENOMENAL results when being treated by WO.  “Out-of-the-park-home-run” were the results I would see time and again. I didn’t see that from any other orthodontist. It made me take notice–and now I get to be part of the magic!