Lab Tech, Certified and Registered Dental Assistant with Warford Orthodontics since 1985

Daily Job Activities: Pouring models and fabricating Invisalign Retainers, and sometimes resetting teeth before making the retainer.

How about life outside of work? I have many hobbies including teaching aerobics, biking, cross country skiing, and walking my three Newfoundland dogs. I like to eat fruits and veggies and my favorite drink is Diet Cherry Coke. For entertainment I love true story movies and listening to Rock and Roll and a little country rock.

What is your favorite part of working at Warford Orthodontics? I love work. I love constantly being busy and doing things with my hands. What makes me tick is knowing I do a good job and pleasing not just the Patients but also Dr. John.

Any funny or heart-warming stories to share?  When a Patient had her braces removed, she was missing a cuspid and I made a pontic retainer for her. She got tears in her eyes because she could not believe how real it looked to have that tooth in her mouth.

What makes Warford Orthodontics different? The friendly staff! They are always willing to help the Patients and work around their schedules to accommodate them. There are fun things for the Patients to do inside and outside of office. And the complimentary X-rays, exams and second set of retainers set us apart as well.