New Smiles Are Possible In As Few As 5 Visits Thanks To Virtual Monitoring                                                                    

At Warford Orthodontics, getting a beautiful, healthy smile doesn’t have to take 12 to 15 office visits and years of wearing braces. Find out how we are making world-class orthodontics available with far fewer office visits.

#1 Invisalign Provider in ND, SD, and MT

Only VIP Invisalign® provider in region

9 out of 10 People Qualify

Thanks to our experience

Beautiful Smile in 5 or Fewer Visits

Convenience made possible by Virtual Monitoring

How It Works

1. Take Pictures Of Your Smile From Anywhere

Simply download your personalized app on your smartphone and you’re on your way to a more efficient treatment. Your next appointment could take place at the beach!

2. Dr. John Receives Live Feedback

Regular notifications on your treatment are sent to Dr. John right from the app. He can send you live updates, advice, and more right from the in-app messaging system.

3. Watch Your Smile Change

Your app has a great Before/After feature so you can see how your smile is changing and share the evolution. How cool is that?

Why Having a “VIP” Invisalign® Provider Matters for You

We have successfully treated more Patients with Invisalign® than 99% of all orthodontists in the world, and we are the only orthodontist to achieve this distinction in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. You would have to travel to Minneapolis, Denver, or Seattle to find a similar level of experience. So if you are looking for the highest quality Invisalign® treatment available, Warford Orthodontics is the clear choice.

A Beautiful Smile Is Possible In 5 Or Fewer Visits


Any kind of treatment can be monitored with Virtual Monitoring. Patients as far as four hours from Bismarck are using Virtual Monitoring so they can have access to the world-class experience available at Warford Orthodontics. It can also be used before treatment starts or to control stability once treatment is over. Welcome to world-class orthodontics.


Top 1% Experience Makes It Possible


No Metal Brackets, Same Beautiful Results

Using Invisalign® instead of braces takes years of experience, and as the most experienced Invisalign® Provider in ND, SD, and MT, Dr. John has treated 1000s of Patients using Invisalign®.

9 out of 10 People Qualify

We work with more Invisalign® Patients than 99% of other providers world-wide… giving us the experience to treat complex issues.

A Smile Crafted Just for You

You get more than straight teeth, Dr. John designs a beautiful smile tailored for your unique features and bone structure.

Virtual Monitoring Makes It Hassle Free


Far Fewer Office Visits

Getting a smile you love shouldn’t eat up your schedule. And now it doesn’t have to thanks to being able to complete your appointments from anywhere.

Smart Reminders

Nothing extra to keep track of. We will automatically remind you when it is time to move on to the next aligners.

Remote Progress Monitoring

Instead of coming in to the office every few weeks, you can feel confident your treatment is on track as we monitor your progress through pictures you will provide in your personalized app.

Answers On Your Schedule
Whenever you have questions, send us a message right away and we will respond when we see it during business hours. No need to call the Orthodontist on your lunch break.

You Deserve A Confident, Beautiful Smile

Getting the smile you’ve always wanted is easier than ever before — especially now that it is possible in 5 or fewer visits. Are you ready to transform your smile and approach life with a whole new level of self-confidence?

We look forward to seeing you at your Complimentary Consultation.

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Regular daily office hours vary during the week so please call 701-255-1311 for office hours and to schedule your appointment.

If you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency during office hours please be sure to call ahead to ensure the best care possible.

After Hours

Call the office phone or email, and we’ll get back to you right away the next business day.


Friday through Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, you may call or text the on-call assistant at 701-471-2539.

The on-call assistant will evaluate your need to be seen right away or if waiting until the next workday is safe, depending on your comfort level, of course.

The on-call assistant can consult with Dr. John 7 days a week as needed so we can provide you the best advice for your weekend concerns.